Do you love your Job…?
If not have a think, why not?

A lot of us begin working in the fitness industry as it was a hobby we enjoyed. Some of us were sporty as children and so professional fitness became a natural progression of for us. Something we hear a lot when teaching courses during ice breakers is “I love exercising myself and just want to help other people feel the same”. 

Does this resonate with you?

There are so many things to love about working in the fitness industry and i must say i don’t think people realise this when they start or even when they first think about getting into it…

Here are my 5 picks of things to love about working in fitness:

  1. You get to help people 🙂
  2. You really can make a difference
  3. It’s very sociable
  4. It can give you an incentive you to stay fit
  5. There can be flexible working hours

Before gaining a fitness qualification have a think about what you love or what you’d expect to love about working in the fitness industry? If it aligns with what you want from your career the you are onto a winner!

Claire x