Do you struggle with setting goals? Wonder where to start?

Well first lets make sure they are SMART!

Specific, Measurable, Achieveable, Realistic & Time bound

  • Be SPECIFIC and state exactly what the goals is
  • Identify how you will MEASURE the progress of the goal and when it has been achieved
  • Clearly state how the said goal is ACHIEVABLE to the client
  • Clearly state how the said goal is REALISTIC for the client
  • State and be clear on the TIME FRAME of the goal

Set a long term goal then break it down into smaller achieveable chunks by then setting medium and short term goals that will lead into the long term goal being achieved.

Oh and remember to make sure the short and medium term goals are actually relevant in leading towards achieving the long term goal.

First find out what it is that your client ultimately wants to achieve and then break that down into realistic smaller goals that will show progress towards the long term dream! 🙂

  • Set the goal
  • Make the plan
  • Get to work
  • Stick to it
  • Reach goal

How do you get on with setting goals with your clients?

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