What’s the hobby that you’ve been neglecting for months?

What’s the habit you’ve picked up that you wish you could stop but just can’t seem to find the motivation?

What would you like to add to your life, or subtract from it?

If you’re anything like me, that list is pretty long! It’s all well and good making a note of them but it’s hard to find the time to get around to making these big changes. But what about if you could focus on just one for 30 days?

Scientifically speaking, 30 days is the perfect amount to form a new habit, to really root it in your life. Alternatively, it’s also the perfect amount of time for you to break a habit and remove something negative from your daily routine.

So today I’m challenging you to stop trying to change your life every Monday morning and failing every Wednesday afternoon (am I right?). I want you to think in terms of 30 days and choose one habit that you want to do every day for 30 days.

If you’ve never tried anything like this before, it can seem like a fad, but at the beginning of the year I followed a 30 days Yoga Camp series and I really surprised  myself by completing it! I found my confidence in myself increase and I was proud that I’d taken just a few minutes a day, every day, totally for myself. There’s a value in that which can’t quite be put down in black and white, you have to experience it.

Not only does this practise make you feel a ton of self worth, but it also makes each month memorable. July could be the month you take a photo every day, August could be the month you write a blog post every day and September might be a month full of exercise – ev-er-y-day!

As we all know, 30 days flies by and I often find each month merges into the next so take some time each day to be present and practise something valuable to you. The only rule is make sure your challenge is measurable (e.g. read for 30 minutes every day, rather than read every day) so that you know you have completed it, and achievable (e.g. ‘Walk for 30 minutes a day’, rather than ‘Walk the three peaks every day’ – nobody has time for that!)

I’d recommend starting with an easy one, maybe you take part in the yoga series because it’s guided which will keep you on track. Or if you need more inspiration, here’s some ideas for you could start as your 30 day challenges:

  • Practise an instrument you used to play every day
  • Draw something every day
  • Take a photo every day
  • Keep a gratitude journal every day
  • Go running every day
  • Go walking every day
  • Practise meditation every day
  • Read at least five pages of your book every day
  • Learn a new word every day
  • Write down something you love about your partner every day and give them the list at the end
  • Try a new food every day
  • Take a healthy packed lunch to work every day
  • Stop drinking coffee for a month
  • Give up social media for a month
  • Stop smoking for a month
  • Write down a list of your fears and conquer one each day
  • Do 50 sit ups a day
  • Write down a positive thought every day
  • Save any change you have at the end of the day
  • Go to bed at 10pm for a month

Good luck and keep us posted on what your challenge is and how you’re getting on with it! Putting it out there publicly will keep you accountable!

So let us know either on our Facebook page or e mail us

Yours in health and fitness – The YBFIT Training Team