Social Jet Lag… Could this be you?

How are you feeling? Groggy? Tired? Can’t glug enough coffee to make today a success?

Well, you’re not alone. New research from the academic journal Sleep has found that going to bed and waking up later on the weekend can have a long term effect on your body.

‘Social jet lag’ – as it has now been coined, isn’t a new field of Scientific research, with previous studies claiming it can increase our risk of obesity and diabetes.

The new study has found that just one hour of social jet lag can lead to an 11% increase in the likelihood of developing heart disease.

These results weren’t related to the sleep duration or insomnia, they were calculated by finding the midpoint of weekend sleep in comparison to the weekday midpoint. So, the later you go to sleep at the weekend, the worse it is for you, even if you have the same amount overall as during the week!

The advice from the researchers is to have as regular a sleeping pattern as possible as an inexpensive and relatively easy method to decrease your risk of heart disease.

What is your sleep like?
Do you prioritise it as a factor in your overall health?

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