Do you big yourself up enough or even at all…?

When was the last time you really heard a compliment… no I mean really heard it!

You see I bet if you think about it and really listen we are paid them more than we think. It could just be someone saying thank you for holding open a door as that itself is them thanking you for being considerate and kind. So therefore you are being told that you are a kind considerate person. How lovely something so little that we should take on board and feel good about but do we…?

Probably not!

We all need to remember the good in each of us and that includes ourselves…

So we can achieve things and work hard at things and maybe we should remind ourselves about such things. Why not eh we all work hard and deserve recognition but we wont get it if we don’t shout about it!

I know this can sound quite self-indulgent but often we need to be our own biggest advocate in order to believe it ourselves.

Remember we shouldn’t rely on others to make us happy we should be able to do and feel that about ourselves.

Believe me I know this self-belief can be hard to have and I’m all to aware that we can be our own worst enemy. So maybe we need to make it acceptable that we can shout about our achievements, tell the world what we are upto and what we want to achieve in life, love, work and play…

Recently we at YBFIT Training have had some great compliments about our courses, the learning experience and even advice that has been given for free before even booking a course.

You know what it not only feels good to get this feedback but it also feels good to give all that in the first place…

Not all of us find it easy to accept compliments. I included!

Maybe it needs to be practiced as often we brush it off or try to justify receiving it, dare I say it even without realizing that’s what we have done…

So next time you receive a compliment if you don’t know what to say how about just simply replying with a ‘Thank you’

We are in a giving industry, a people industry and what better way to help people than to give naturally and freely.

We love helping people and helping you believe in yourself,

We love seeing you achieve your goals and getting out there in this growing industry

We love the enthusiasm that we and you have in common and seeing how contagious it can be

We love the feel good factor that all of the above creates…

So with us on our Facebook page  or e mail   and tell us what do you love…?

What have you done lately that makes you feel good…?

How have you been complimented…?

Big yourself up and Enjoy it!

Yours in Health

Claire x