Why wait till New Year to try something new or set a goal when you can do it right now!

Yes that’s right, just get on and do it…

Is it just a delay tactic, another way of putting something off or just an excuse not to get started straight away?

New years resolutions are really just a fancy way of goal setting.

So yes by all means set goals and make them happen but you can do that anytime not just in January!

Just like a ‘puppy is not just for Christmas’ a goal is not just for new year.

You should be setting and working towards your goals all year round not just for January because it feels like what you should be doing and that’s what ‘everyone does’

Set your goals and maintain consistency all year round, remember consistency is key and good habits accumulate so the more you do it, the easier it will be to maintain.

Having said that if you drop off a bit so what, just get back on with it and remind yourself that balance is also very important. Always think and remember the bigger picture and small steps build up a bigger picture so keep going even if it is 2 steps forward 1 step back because after all you are still 1 step forward.

Make it personal and set your goals around something that you enjoy or that has meaning to you.

This could be a fitness goals, lifestyle goal, professional work-based goal or even a learning goal.

If for example you are choosing a course to study make sure your chosen course is something you already have an interest in and you are fully invested in achieving all you can out of the time and effort it takes to do or complete your training.

Commit to the process, set a plan and diarise when you are taking action towards achieving your goals.

What goals are you working towards right now?