6 Things you can do to get work as a group exercise instructor.

6 Things you can do to get work once qualified as a group exercise instructor.

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  1. Apply to and Approach local health clubs/leisure centres. Send your C V and copies of all relevant qualifications include public liability insurance.

  1. Inform the Group Exercise co-ordinator what you are qualified in and that you are available for cover.

  1. Be prepared to go to an audition if asked and invited.

  1. Ask for a cover list from the centre and contact the instructors that teach the same things as you and let them know you are available for cover. This is useful as often instructors get their own cover, so get to know them.

  1. Be prepared to cover first, you may have to cover a lot before you get offered a permanent class.

  1. Be reliable and well practiced at your class and you will be asked again, remembered and maybe offered a permanent class when it comes up.

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