Employed V’s Freelance

Have you ever wondered on the difference between being employed or working self employed on a freelance basis in the fitness industry?

These points below may give you an idea… 

Employed Freelance
Regularly paid. Either salary or hourly rate, often paid monthly Set your rate of pay, only paid if you have the work/clients
Fixed hours Flexible working hours, manage your own diary
Holiday/sick pay No holiday or sick pay
May get additional training paid for Will need to fund your own additional training
May get a gym membership at the place you work Unlikely to get a complimentary gym membership
PAYE taxed at source Responsible for paying your own tax and will need to be set up at HMRC as self-employed but can claim expenses.
Can give the feeling of stability being part of a company ethos. Ideal if you have Entrepreneurial instincts
Feel part of a team Can be lonely at times


Will be answerable to your line manager Be your own boss
There may be an earning threshold. (Depending who you work for) The sky’s the limit!

Working for yourself you have the best reason to try your hardest and make yourself as much money/profit as possible.