Sometimes as a Personal Trainer things don’t always go to plan but be reliable, flexible in your approach and consistent with what you do.

I recently went to see a personal training client for 7.30am but there was much more traffic than normal, a 25 minute journey too 1 hour and 10 minutes!

It was a shocker and I felt really bad for being late, however I still made it, even if I was half an hour late.

The thing is what I’m saying is I still proved to be reliable by not turning back, which if I’m honest it did cross my mind just to turn the car around and go home, well it would wouldn’t it…;-)

I kept going, showed up and did the best I could for my client in the time we had and that’s what matters show up, be fully present and do the best you can with the situation that you are in. It’s all you can do.

If you expect your clients to be committed to their sessions, their programme and all the things you ask of them the times when you are not there then you have to equally be committed to serving them the best you can.

Go the extra mile and show you care!

Here are a few ways to help you gain and keep clients:

Show you care

Do more than you think they expect

Be reliable

Be consistent

Remember something significant about them or their family