I’ve been busy creating a 5 video series with my friend, and fellow fitness guru Fit with Frank! (Here we are below) You can watch the videos here or read on for our summary of the 5 key points you need to know if you want to start engaging with potential clients via social media.

Know your audience
Assess who you train and who you want to train. I don’t mean their age, gender and location, that broader information will become clear on their own as you start training people – I mean the finer details about them… What are their common interests? What sort of person are they, what makes them tick? Why did they come to you instead of another PT? Once you know what sort of a person they are you can concentrate on speaking to them in their language – language that helps them connect with you and gives them confidence that you’re the right trainer for them.

Provide value online… FOR FREE.
Yep, for free. Give away snippets of information that you know is valuable to your target audience. So if you tend to train women between 30 and 50 who are housewives, you could share your top tips for toning bums and tums, as these tend to be problem areas for women in that age group. Or if you train professional men, share a 20 minute video on a quick office workout to complete during lunch, or how to maintain your posture at a desk. So how do you know what’s valuable to them? Listen to the common questions you’re getting asking during your sessions, then make a blog, video or email series with the answer to them! Give away lots of information on what to do, but save how to do it for your paying clients. Always keep some information back so that there is still an incentive to train with you – to gain that extra information.

Be authentic.
People appreciate sincerity so be yourself online and your clients will learn to trust you. If making people laugh is your thing in your sessions, make sure that you convey that on your social media too! If you are being yourself online then you will attract like-minded clients that you’ll enjoy training.

Consistent branding.
Make sure your presence across social media is the same, it needs to be recognisable across all platforms – and even offline too. So that means wearing your own branded gear when you train clients, having logos and slogans on your cover photos on your social media, and branding any ebooks or emails you send out. The consistency will mean your branding will stick in their head and they will recognise your online presence as consistent and professional.

Don’t be scared to look silly online, sharing your first video or blog post can be scary but rest assured that if you’ve followed our 4 tips above, it will be met with praise! Create some energy surrounding your business online and people will start to believe in you more which will lead to clients!

I’m going to be sharing more tips on improving your presence on social media as a fitness entrepreneur but do comment on our video series with any questions you’ve got, we always love hearing from you at YBFIT Training.