What should you be or what do you even want to be?

Have you ever been stuck on which type of exercise you prefer and maybe if you was going to be an instructor which you should become…

Some people work successfully in the fitness industry doing a bit of both but normally start with the one they are drawn too naturally.
For example I started as a gym instructor/personal trainer and went into group exercise once I started working for a bigger health club chain and have successfully done a bit of both (still do as it happens).

Here I have highlighted some key differences and maybe you’ll be able to decide which one you are more suited to or at least which one you may want to start with

  • 121 Personal Training enables you to focus on the individual and help them with their more specific goals
  • Group exercise provides a fun environment often with a bit of banter to get more people exercising and being active while being social
  • Both can be hugely motivating for the participant either by having peer/instructor camaraderie and support or by having the 121 focus and encouragement from the trainer
  • Working as a 121 Personal Trainer or a Group Exercise instructor may suit different personality types better; i.e the group exercise instructor is normally more of a natural extravert and the 121 personal trainer is probably more introvert and not such a natural performer
  • Depending on the working environment either has potential to earn a reasonable hourly rate. For example you may earn more for 121 personal training compared to teaching a class at a local gym or health club. Or if you set up your own community based class you may end up earning more per hour if they are paying you per person and you can get 20-30 people in compared to one client at a time with personal training

Food for thought eh…

If you have any questions on getting qualified in the fitness industry do get in touch, I’d love to chat to you about it!