There is no obvious way of becoming a success, so start with thinking about what success means to you.
Below are a few things to get you thinking…

* Gain your qualifications to a high standard and never stop learning. This will give you credibility as a trainer. The fitness industry is constantly evolving and it is important to stay abreast of things and up to date in what you do and what you teach your clients. Learn how to inform and give some of your knowledge away to your clients in order to educate them too.

* Have ambition and keep striving for more from you! Set goals for yourself as a trainer, focus on ways to improve your skills and getting better rather than just staying ‘busy’. Prioritise what’s important to you and achieving your career goals.

* Have a genuine interest and passion for fitness. Be an advocate for health & fitness and believe in what you do. Your passion will come across and give you confidence in what you do and say and it will show that you are being authentic in your practice as a fitness professional.

* Create your own ‘Niche’. Hone your skills, Specialise in something you are passionate about, get good at it and get known for it…

* Be a people person. Strive to deliver a continuously good service and be consistent with it. Communicate well and be able to listen to what your clients want from you and act accordingly. Show an interest in your clients, ask open questions, show that you truly care and find out as much about them as you can relevant to helping them in achieving their goals.

* Be reliable. Be where you say you will be, do what you say you are going to do and show that you can be relied upon as a trainer and mentor to your client’s needs.

* Show empathy and be able to adapt to your client’s needs. Your clients need to trust and believe in you so you must build a rapport with them and then you are your own referral system.

* Learn about nutrition. You will ultimately get asked for nutrition advice so be prepared for this. This is where most of your clients will need the most help.

* Think of yourself as a business – you are your own brand. So be aware of how you come across at all times, in person, on the phone, via e-mail and even through social media. When selling your services you are ultimately selling yourself.

* Remain positive and remember, you are the expert.

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