How to keep your standards high in the fitness industry

As the director of a fitness training company, a large part of my job is making sure that the fitness courses I offer stay up to standard – both in terms of the awarding bodies who certify the qualifications, and from the learners point of view.

All of the courses that YBFIT Training offer have units on self-evaluation. For example, if you are training to become a fitness instructor, we will teach you how to plan, deliver and then evaluate the classes that you teach. But how can we make sure, as fitness professionals, that we maintain those high standards.

Having spent 20 years in the fitness industry working at all levels from a fitness instructor to a fitness manager, as well as a personal trainer, group exercise instructor and a tutor/assessor/IQA for fitness qualifications – I’ve compiled a few tips on how to make sure that you keep your standards high

Client feedback

Testimonials and word of mouth can be the best forms of advertising if you’re starting out in the fitness industry. However, they can equally be used as a benchmarking tool for your classes or PT sessions. Offer anonymous feedback forms after a block of sessions to get some really honest opinions from your clients. Also do take it on board after all it’s the clients perception we are look for in order to give them the experience they expect and want…

Vary your routines

It’s easy to think that if clients keep coming back and the numbers are good for your group exercise classes, then why fix it if it isn’t broken. People are enjoying it, obviously, and you’ve probably spent a good amount of time creating a session or routine that you believe really works. The fact is, though, people get bored very easily these days so make sure that you keep challenging your clients with new workouts and routines so they progress and also keep them entertained with your sparkling personality, new playlists, or even some outdoor sessions to really shake things up.

Refresh or extend your knowledge

If you’ve been in the fitness industry for a while, it may be time to take a refresher course and do some cpd’s and make sure that any qualifications you have are still valid and up to date. You may also want to extend your knowledge of fitness by taking a course on a niche area of fitness – like pre and post-natal exercise, or exercise referral. Continual learning is a must in the fitness industry because it’s an ever-changing industry so there is always room to improve.  

Keep an eye on the external business environment

Make sure to stay up to date on news in the health and fitness world. Not only is it important for you to stay clued up on the latest fitness trends and advances for your client’s benefit, it will also allow you to start offering services to fit in with those trends so that you can profit from the growing interest in that area. 


It’s always helpful to keep contacts in the fitness industry. Not only to keep an eye on what your competitors are offering, but also for the chance to collaborate with other fitness professionals and gain a new audience from that. Don’t operate in a bubble – make time to network with contacts in the fitness industry. Remember it’s always good to hang out with like minded people too 🙂

There is no set recipe for success in the fitness industry but with a passion for fitness, some top notch qualifications and a process for making sure you keep the standard of your services high – it’s pretty hard to fail!

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Thanks for reading – Claire x