Did you know there is probably more you can claim for on expense than you think there is?

For example, if you are paying to park at or near the facility you are teaching or instructing at, then keep the receipt and also consider a percentage of your petrol costs for the week. After all, you are using your car for your self-employed place of work.

Also in the fitness industry we tend to get sweaty on a regular basis, so have you thought about buying a load of toiletries just for your gym bag? Keep the receipt and there you go, claim it back.

So if you are not already then you should see yourself as a business – You are the business!

Yes even if you are teaching fitness classes at your local gym health club and you are set up as a self employed individual with regards to how you are getting paid, you are a business.

I understand that being self employed and managing our accounts is a bit alien to some fitness professionals and understandably so… after all, it’s not what you signed up for.  All you want to do is help people achieve their goals and get fit and healthy right?

So, we have just the thing to help you get your head around your fitness business accounts and help you to manage them in a way that isn’t daunting and is easy to understand.

We have our upcoming workshop on Sunday 8th September with the rather entertaining Andrew Crawford.

The sooner you start seeing your self as a business and start telling people what you do or what you can do for them, the sooner you will become known for what you do and ultimately get more work and make more money… Win win!

It’s just about putting yourself out there and telling people how you can help them.

Do you need help understanding yourself as a fitness business?

Get in touch with me with any questions by email: /" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener">!

Consider what people may see of you in your job role. Are they inspired? Are they motivated by you? Hopefully they are and then they tell other people and your business just grows and grows!

Yours in Fitness,

Claire x