A common myth about training as a fitness instructor or getting a fitness qualification…

Being too Old!!!

When people enquire with us at YBFIT Training about doing a fitness qualification I often get asked am I too old??

Oh wow you’d be surprised!

This is so not true, age is certainly nothing something to limit anyone in the fitness industry.

There is a common believe that you should be a body perfect 20 year old with a 6 pack definition, veins popping and be able to lift heavy or run super fast!

This is fine if that’s what you want but equally it isn’t for everyone.

Being relatable is important, showing understanding and empathy to your clients whilst being able to push them to achieve their goals is often all people want.

According to statista.com the average age of a fitness instructor in the UK is actually 38.

So think about it this way if you are a bit older or classed as a mature adult when you train to become a fitness instructor, you have life experience, you’ll have empathy and you’ll be relatable to many within the fitness and life journey you may also have been on.

Also you don’t necessarily have to tell people you have only just qualified (when you do) being older they may just assume you have been training people for a while and will already have confidence in you and your ability to train them.

So use it to your advantage!

Equally people will love to know your story so tell them, let them buy into you…

Remember like attracts like so ultimately people will be drawn to you because of you!

Enjoy your fitness journey and let us know what you think by using our social media channels or e mail us