WIFE Rising Stars Event

Our very own Claire is due to speak at an upcoming event WIFE Rising Stars. This is all about empowering women in fitness so if you are a woman in the fitness industry then come along and be empowered. The event is due to be held in guildford on 19th September. See the link below to book tickets to this great new event http://www.wifeevents.com/event/wife-rising-stars-2015/

Claire’s presentation ‘On Top of the World’ will explore the relationship between life’s challenges and opportunities for personal growth. Claire believes that taking part in tough physical events such as marathons and mountain climbing teaches us about resilience and determination, two qualities that every woman needs to achieve success in business and in life. Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Toubkal took Claire right out of her comfort zone and now she applies the same principle to running YBFIT Training.

Whether considering climbing a mountain, or wondering how you can overcome other obstacles in your life, in her talk Claire will guide you through the steps she has used to prepare her for success.

A favourite quote for Claire is ‘If you always do what you’ve always done then you’ll always get what you’ve always got!’ another way to face things head on is visualisation even in times of struggle, challenge and when things just become a bit too overwhelming Claire believes if you can visualise the end result or the outcome that you want then it will happen! The journey may be another matter but you will get there…. So go for it and if it’s meant to it will be

– ‘Take that Leap and the net will appear!’