Why not learn more about specific medical conditions and the effects that they and their medication have on exercise?

If you have clients with medical conditions wouldn’t it feel good to be able to confidently know how their conditions and medications are effecting them and how to effectively give them exercises that are going to positively effect how they feel and move.

Many of our clients will suffer with Asthma, Diabetes, COPD, High Blood Pressure, Obesity, Osteoporosis, Depression/Anxiety, High Cholesterol or even Back Pain? These conditions are so common these days that we should be able to confidently and safely advise this people. But could you…?

These conditions cannot be taken for granted especially if the client is taking prescribed medication for them. Medication can have a great physiological effect on the body and in particular to how it responds when being active.

It is important if you are or want to work with this type of client that you are aware of adaptations that may need to be made and the careful monitoring of the client that is needed. There’s so much out there so it’s no wonder they say that once you start learning you realise how much more there is still to learn…

You may want the opportunity to work in the community offering exercise referral patients exercise sessions from a GP referral programme. As fitness professionals we should be keeping our knowledge fresh up to date and look to constantly improve and learn. You could even go on to specialise with specific conditions and create a niche area of expertise and practice.

Things change and move on and the fitness industry is no different so lets not get stuck in a rut, keep your knowledge and know how alive by taking things up a notch, offering more and giving your clients the extra mile…

We have just the thing!

The Level 3 Diploma in Exercise Referral is open to all level 3 qualified instructors and will qualify you to work with clients with the above conditions and is also the pathway and pre requisite to specialist Level 4 qualifications like Cardiac-Rehab, Obesity & Diabetes, & Low Back Pain Management qualifications.

So a must for those of you with an interest and wanting to do those also…

Get in touch and let’s take your fitness career even further!

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