For me, it’s the best £500 I have spent. Yes it was £500 for the course 28 years ago.

Gaining an ETM qualification, is like the nucleus to many other opportunities within the fitness industry, also you are able to teach a variation of classes as soon as you pass, including, hi lo aerobics, body conditioning, LBT and interval type training.

Once you have completed the course, which is a lot of fun and helps people with confidence, self esteem, not forgetting the fitness aspect, you will soon start to gather various classes in different environments, be it targeted at high end chain health clubs, boutique privately owned clubs, hiring a hall and setting up your own classes and developing something that is individual to you. In no time at all in my experience, you will find which path (if you don’t already know) you want to follow, there are a great selection of training courses out there.

Watch the YouTube video below to find out why you should become an Exercise to Music Instructor..

During my 28 years as a fitness instructor I have gradually developed and achieved various certificates, however I still love teaching all of my classes, I teach every day and can honestly say I very rarely dread going to work, being an exercise instructor exposes you to an amazing amount of diverse and interesting people and it is never dull.

I have made many friends over the years, even met my future husband!

I would recommend it every day, even though physically one has to be prepared to feel a bit tired, but hey, another lesson I learned, it’s all in the mind.

I hope to be able to welcome you into the wonderful quirky world of fitness and help you flourish on your journey.

Much love,

Claire Stone – Group Exercise Instructor and Tutor/Assessor