What better way to Exercise and Enjoy it than with a group of like minded people.

We all have our reasons for exercising whether it’s the health benefits, the feel good factor or even the social aspect.

Here we have some of the best reasons to love exercising in a group and to music…

  1. Statistics show that people who take part in group exercise stay members of their gym or facility for longer, attend more often and even spend more money!
  1. People report feelings of greater success in classes with music regardless of actual success so therefore giving that feel good factor and increasing enjoyment, motivation and even adherence which in turn leads to better results.
  1. Music can create a positive mood while exercising which will in turn create a desire to repeat the activity encouraging participation.
  1. Music can even help you to exercise for longer as it detracts from fatigue and discomfort.
  1. It is a great way to interact with like minded people and create a great social environment too.

Remember keep loving what you do and you can’t go far wrong in any goals 🙂

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