Does it motivate you to be challenged?

Definition what is a challenge?

From the Cambridge dictionary… challenge noun

The situation of being faced with Something that needs great mental or physical effort in order to be done successfully and therefore tests a person’s ability:

– Finding a solution to this problem is one of the greatest challenges faced by scientists today.

– You know me – I like a challenge.

– It’s going to be a difficult job but I’m sure she’ll rise to the challenge.

Quite often re training and learning new things can be a challenge in more ways than one. Remember worthwhile things do not often come easy… We are here to help you every step of the way. So please ask us with any of your fitness industry questions or queries.

Here at YBFIT Training, we know only too well that life can throw challenges at you when you least expect it! We have faced many challenges and achieved lots, both as a team and individually. Ultimately our goal is to help you achieve your aspirations and dreams, whatever they may be.

Our director Claire Baker has just returned from Everest Base Camp and wow, what a trip! Not only did she have to contend with the symptoms of being at high altitude, but she had physical obstacles to compete with like high bridges, big rocks to climb over (not easy when you’re only short!), sleepless nights (who knew being at altitude would affect your bladder?!) and temperatures plummeting at least to -14!

Claire says:                                                      

‘The thing with coming back from experiencing something like this is you gain a sense of confidence in yourself and a feeling of being able to focus on achieving anything. I think this is why I do these things every now and then, you see I get itchy feet and off I go and see how far I can push myself. People have asked why but that sense of doing and getting it done is what drives me. It can be as simple as ticking something off but also enjoying the ride along the way! Yes I don’t like things to beat me and my mum always said I was an obstinate child, so does that make me stubborn, bloody minded or even self-righteous? Maybe but I like to think once I start something, I don’t intend to give up so I know whatever I’ve set out to do it will get done!’ Of course that journey can take a few twists and turns and getting to Everest Base Camp was by no means easy but we all made it in one piece with even a few tears of joy at our destination. The sense of satisfaction of making it is certainly worth the effort and any struggles we face along the way.”

Claire x

What will you do to challenge yourself in 2017?

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