This time of year is often when people start reviewing current situations or plans for the future. Maybe it’s time for you to think about the following…

Does your current career fulfil you?  Does it make you happy?

Does it really light your fire?

If not why not!

A fitness industry career can be a very fulfilling way to bring in an income.

If you already enjoy going to the gym or participating in group exercise classes and also find yourself giving others advice based upon what you have achieved personally then why not put it all to good use.

Too many people out there are in a job that they kind of fell into and just stay with it and then years later they realise it’s not even what they wanted to do in the first place.

Is that you?

I hear all the time about people coming out of corporate city jobs to reduce stress and not to mention the commute and then look for something that resonates more with what they enjoy doing and helping people live healthier fitter lives is often just that.

Working in the fitness industry can involve shift work but also flexibility with having time off during the day or even the week sometimes. Yes it can involve weekend and evening work but to a certain extent you can also decide and agree your shifts in advance (if working at a gym) or even set your own timetable/schedule with your clients and classes.

So maybe it’s time to think about your working week and find more flexibility around it, think about how your work can work for you not how you work for it

If you’d like to know more about gaining a fitness industry career please do get in touch.