3 Easy, Productive Morning Routines!

What we do during those first early moments of the day can set the tone for your whole day! Cultivating healthy, productive habits to do first thing can have a huge impact on the rest of your waking hours. With this in mind, I stumbled across a great website with hundreds of ideas for morning routines anyone could adopt, called mymorningroutine.com.

Now, some people are seasoned veterans at cramming in lots of productivity as soon as they get up, and whilst I’m all for that, it’s not where you should be aiming for now, as it can seem unattainable! Here’s a few ideas that you could try one at a time, starting with dedicating just a few minutes to this precious ‘me’ time in the morning.

1. Entrepreneurial Activities

Everyone will have different goals they want to achieve throughout the day; some of you might be budding entrepreneurs wanting to get your brain in gear for creative, productive and ambitious thinking. If that’s you, try listening to a podcast like the TED Radio Hour . It’s informative, inspiring and really gets you thinking outside the box! Listening to a podcast also gives you the freedom to do something else whilst you listen but be careful not to do anything that will distract you too much from the podcast! I’d recommend making notes whilst you listen, or taking the dog for an early morning stroll whilst you listen. Tony Robbins, an entrepreneurial guru and self-made millionaire, recommends thinking of ‘Three to Thrive’ when you wake up – three tasks that you will make happen that day, put some power behind them in your head and consider them already done, then get out there and make it happen!

2. Fitness Activities

Lots of you will be hoping to fit in a workout before breakfast and I would recommend trying it if you haven’t already. However, some people find it really difficult to get into that routine, it’s a big change from scrolling through Facebook and drinking tea, to pounding the pavements or lifting weights! If you’re struggling to exercise straight away when you wake up, try stretching instead. Not only will it aid you in whatever exercise you choose to do later, but it will help settle your mind and give you the time to be mindful and present for a few minutes whilst you do it. This is a really easy one to try, you can either do stretches you know you need to work on, or you could follow a guided yoga session from YouTube  like the one below if you need a little inspiration!

3. Activities to boost your mood

The word on everyone’s lips (and to-do lists): meditation! The easiest and most accessible way to start meditating is by using the Headspace app which gives you guided sessions for free, starting at just ten minutes, so there’s no need to set the alarm any earlier. If you want to try it on your own instead, try repeating a mantra to yourself which you would like to take into your day, such as ‘I am powerful’, ‘I am confident’ or ‘I’m open to all possibilities’.

It’s difficult to cultivate a new routine so experiment, find what suits your lifestyle and time limits and let us know how you get on on our Facebook pagewe’d love to hear from you!<