How Physical Challenges can help your Business!

I’ve been working in the fitness industry for over twenty years and throughout that time I’ve undertaken a number of physical and mental challenges outside of my work life. Now, I’m a busy woman, I run a successful Fitness Training Provider business, I teach budding fitness entrepreneurs about the industry and I (try to) keep up a social life too. So why bother with setting myself challenges outside of work? Challenges that take hours of training every week and, admittedly, make me nervous in the lead up to them. I can honestly say that the tools I have acquired through running several marathons, climbing several mountains and facing several phobias have catapulted my confidence as an entrepreneur to the next level and I want to share what I’ve learnt with you.


By visualisation I don’t mean a quick snapshot of you crossing the finish line or smiling on a podium, true visualisation requires much more than that. Let’s say you’re training for a marathon, close your eyes (bear with me, close them once you’ve read this) and imagine you can see the finish line, feel the beat of every step you’re taking towards it, you look around and notice your family in the crowd cheering you on and you can smell the beads of sweat on your upper lip. In that moment, what do you feel? What are you wearing? Who is greeting you at the finish line? Be part of that scene for a few moments, savour it and remind yourself that you are absolutely capable of reaching it.

You do not compare to anyone:

When people ask me about climbing Kilimanjaro they often quickly draw comparisons between their own fitness and mine: ‘oh, I’m too old for that!’ says 45 year old Mum of two Karen, ‘I wish I was fit enough to do something like that’, replies Dave the 50 year old Handyman who’s back plays up occasionally. Well, Karen and Dave, ye of little faith, those self-affirmations are exactly what’s holding you back. In today’s world of smart phones and Instagram, comparison is a torturous daily activity for nearly all of us but at some point you have to stop comparing and start inspiring yourself. Be your own inspiration. This doesn’t just apply to life changing experiences; it applies every day, just aim to be better than you were yesterday, no one has shared your life and upbringing with you so you’re not comparable to anyone.

Mental Strength:

If you’re going to take on a marathon or climb a mountain, you’ll need a fair amount of physical strength and you will have to train up to that. Whilst the end goal should be celebrated, your journey to get to that point will have equipped you with something far more important: mental strength. Getting out the door for training when the rain is hammering down or carrying on when you’ve worn the wrong footwear once you’re out all builds up to create this awesome empowering feeling that you can achieve whatever your mind allows you to. The effects of this realisation span much further than the challenge itself, you’ll find yourself taking on more at work, not being afraid to take risks or get noticed at work, and your self-esteem will sky rocket. I know this is true because I have felt it many times and I reap the benefits from it every day from my successful business that I had to grapple with so often in the first few months of owning it!

So how does this apply to you? You’re not a marathon runner or a mountain climber, a fire walker or a trail hiker, are you? Well, not yet anyway…