1. Racing through qualifications

As the tortoise said to the hare, it’s not a race! The majority of trainees who undertake modules spaced apart and actually apply their newly acquired knowledge in between courses generally do better and last longer in the industry.

2. The big pretender

Never pretend to know something you don’t! Especially about injuries,medical conditions, medication, pregnancy etc… It could be serious if you get caught out!

3. Not refusing clients

Clients results or lack of can affect your reputation. If a client is not going to do the do, moan constantly. self sabotage and then blame you for their lack of results – then don’t sign them up! It’s worth more than the cheque for 10 sessions!

4. No interacting

Clients will buy and re-buy based on you and how you make them feel. The key to maintaining clients is to be interactive with them. Talk to them, use manual resistance and assisted stretches to create a bond. The more involved you are the more attached your clients become to you and the longer they will stay with you.