Where to find a Great Tutor?

1. Ensure the training company or tutor uses awarding bodies such as AIQ,
CYQ or City and Guilds. This means you will get a genuine qualification
which is aligned to the REPS register and Skills Active.

2. Does the tutor actively work in the fitness industry still? If they don’t
how can they tell you what to do to be successful?

3. Is the tutor successful in their own business? Are they respected in the
local community?

4. Are they honest with you about life in the industry, as it can be hard
work at times as well as enormously rewarding!

5. Do they look the part? In the same way an instructor should look like
they are fit and healthy, a top class tutor will exude health and fitness
and install confidence that they can take you where you want to go.

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Should face-to-face training be delayed due to government guidelines then our training courses where possible will be taken online via Zoom or on a similar platform. Please see our Coronavirus Policy (on page 11 of our Terms and Conditions) for full details.