Christmas is the season for eating, drinking and being merry, however that doesn’t mean that we have to over-indulge, however tempting it may be.. From mince pies and chocolates, to mulled wine and champagne, everyone has their favourite seasonal treat – and as long as you enjoy these specialities in moderation, there’s no harm done.

Why do we over-indulge? Is it worth it for just one day?

Christmas in the UK is often spread out over weeks of festivities, countless meals and many alcoholic beverages. Most of us find it difficult to give in to the temptation and as a consequence drop our dietary routines for the festive period. However, it really doesn’t have to be this way!

You can join in with the festive celebrations and have a good time without letting yourself go completely. Follow these tips to find out how..

Avoid starving to save calories

While it may seem tempting to starve yourself throughout the day so you can indulge at that Christmas party, it probably won’t work that way. Chances are you’ll end up feeling so weak that you end up eating more than you originally would have done. Alternatively, you could end up making yourself ill and having to miss out on the party that you’ve been looking forward to for months!

Instead, start your day with a healthy and high fibre breakfast, to keep you satisfied throughout the day. Then, if you need to eat before you leave, go for something small and balanced, to keep you going until the event.

Control your portions

There’s nothing wrong with enjoying festive treats at Christmas, but opt for small portions, so you can still enjoy without adding too many calories to your normal diet. Try not to eat if you’re not actually hungry and don’t fill your plate up too much (as you may be tempted to eat it all).

Be selective

Rather than eating every festive treat that crosses your path, come up with a list of your favourites and give yourself permission to enjoy these. Don’t waste your calories on snacks you’re not even interested in, just because it’s there. Instead, save yourself for the treats that are really worth the calories!

Keep hydrated

Your brain can sometimes confuse feelings of dehydration as hunger, so try to stay hydrated throughout the festive season. If you’re drinking alcohol, bare in mind this will dehydrate you, so you’ll need even more water to reduce the effects. Drinking water also helps you to stay full, meaning that you are then likely to eat less.

Go easy on the alcohol

We all like to enjoy a few festive drinks, but remember that alcohol is not only high in calories, but also lowers your inhibitions, which often brings on a plate of party food or a burger on the way home. Neither are great for the diet! To slow down your consumption, try alternating between alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. You could even opt for a mocktail, to keep up the party spirit.

Plus, as an added bonus, you’ll wake up feeling hydrated and hangover-free!

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