10 Reasons to Love Exercise To Music……..

A participant or an instructor? We are sure you can relate to all of the following. The key message here is that music can and will heighten your enjoyment to exercise.

1. Exercise to Music classes are a social affair as well as an exercise opportunity. Statistics show that people who take part in Group Exercise stay members for longer, attend more often and spend more money!

2. Music can help you to exercise for longer as it distracts you from fatigue and discomfort. A study at Brunel University showed up to 15% improvement in endurance in individuals exercising with music to those without.

3. Music can create a positive mood while exercising. This evokes a desire to want to repeat the activity, thereby encouraging consistent participation.

4. Music can lift heart rate and elevate breathing rate. This can help prepare the bodies readiness to exercise. One of the many reasons you should play music of a similar beat to what will occur during the workout, as your participants come in!

5. Music improves cognitive ability. A study performed at Ohio University compared verbal ability after a treadmill run without music and with. After the run without music, patients showed no change in verbal ability. yet after the run accompanied by Vivalid’s ‘The Four Seasons’ they scored significantly higher.

6. Exercising to music at a higher tempo can motivate exercisers to work harder by upto 15%. (University of Wisconsin study).

7. During times of stress, listening to slower, calm music can slow down the heart rate and pacify the sympathetic nervous system.

8. Music has been shown to aid the development of motor skills in children as well as people with orthopaedic  and neuromuscular disorders.

9. People report feelings of greater success in classes with music, regardless of actual success. This increases enjoyment, motivation and therefore compliance leading to better results.

10. Music can affect people on a subconscious and emotional level. A favourite song can bring back feelings of good times and increase motivation.