5 things you can expect from working in a gym or health club environment?

  1. Shift work/Sometimes unsociable hours. This can be anything from 6am starts to 11pm finishes! Although with the increase of 24 hour gyms opening up this could also vary.
  2. Variable rates of pay. Depending on your role there is often a basic rate for gym instructors or gym shift hours and then another rate for delivering personal trainings sessions. It may vary with each employer so check this out thoroughly when applying for a job. It is beneficial to take a first job with a combination of gym floor hours and personal trainings session built in to those hours to gain experience and build up your client base while still earning an hourly rate. So eventually all your hours are at the higher rate of personal training sessions.
  3. A great working environment. Generally working in a leisure facility is a positive place to be as most people are there to improve their lifestyle, get fitter/healthier and or help others do so.
  4. A varied job role. Often your job description may not just be restricted to the gym environment. You might be expected or asked to help in other departments of the centre. This is also a great way to introduce you to different members and therefore tell them what you do and build a relationship with the members therefore leading to more clients who trust what you do and stand for.
  5. Make new friends – Working with and being around Like minded people You will find you have a lot In common with some of your colleagues and even members or clients, with working often long or unsociable hours this is a sure way to make new connections and friends.