Why you should become a Yoga Instructor

We are really excited to now be offering Yoga Instructor courses.
The Active IQ Level 3 diploma in Teaching Yoga is starting on Friday 6th September 2019.

If you have a keen interest and or passion for Yoga, get in touch or get booking and you could become the instructor at the front of a class, helping participants with their own Yoga practice. Click here for course information.

See below for tips on why you should become a Yoga instructor:

1. There is work out there

Yes, that’s right… there are so many opportunities for work in the fitness industry with so many gym chains and leisure centres out there. We also have more and more boutique style studios opening up all over the place too. You can even create your own opportunities by setting up community-based classes in local halls. Really all you have to do is make yourself available, put yourself out there and be reliable.

2. Get more in tune with your own body while also helping others…

You will learn about your own body in your Yoga practice. You will become so aware of how you move and feel in your own practice you’ll be able to take this into your own teaching to help you help others with theirs. There is a very holistic approach to Yoga, which not only benefits the participants but the instructor too.

3. It’s a rewarding career

Any job in the fitness industry is rewarding as you get to see your participants/clients improve their fitness, move better and feel better. Yoga is no different and has a huge effect on your wellbeing too. You will see improvements in your participants physical and mental health as it truly gives them ‘me’ time.

4. Flexible in more ways than one

Becoming a fitness or Yoga instructor not only gives you a flexible way of working but also a flexible body. Due to your own self-practice, you will master the poses so that you can show effective demonstrations therefore you will also see your flexibility increase and your own movement patterns improve.

5. The perfect chance to turn your hobby into a career

If you are already practicing Yoga and have a passion for it, this is the perfect chance to turn something you love doing in your free time into a rewarding career. Do something you love and get paid for it!

Learn more here or get in touch on Facebook with any questions. Alternatively, feel free to drop us an email to info@ybfittraining.com. We are always happy to help!

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Should face-to-face training be delayed due to government guidelines then our training courses where possible will be taken online via Zoom or on a similar platform. Please see our Coronavirus Policy (on page 11 of our Terms and Conditions) for full details.