Sometimes I really wonder about people’s expectations are when they do a fitness instructor qualification or other fitness industry industry qualification…

We see people that think it’ll be easy then others that really worry it’s going to be unattainable. There seems to be no middle ground in their thought process.

Often the ones that think it’ll be easy or don’t consider how it might challenge them, or the work that has to go into it, are the ones that struggle the most as they are surprised when things don’t come naturally or go well in their learning process.

Those that are worrying are usually worrying unnecessarily and it’s the fear of failure or  their own worry bubble they get themselves into that can hold them back.

I’d say come into it with an open and honest mind.

So let’s be honest we all know what we are good at and what needs work so be realistic with it. Often in the fitness industry we are there as we are visual, movement based individuals and love the practical aspect of working out and wanting to get others fit. 

Then there’s the theory knowledge, it doesn’t come as naturally to everyone and can really seem like an arduous task!

So how about breaking it down into sections, diarising your time to study and remembering it’s ok to ask for help.

To gain your fitness industry qualifications you will need to prioritise it, be dedicated, hard working, open to feedback, be prepared to develop both physically and mentally and remain positive and visualise your end goal of training people and helping them achieve their own health & fitness goals in order to get you the fitness industry career you dream of.

So the thing to remember is that sometimes you have to do something different in order to achieve something great and getting out of your comfort zone is what it’s all about.

We are here to help you with that something different and would love to help you in your fitness industry career.

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