Some people come into the fitness industry worrying that there isn’t enough work out there or that they wont find work!

I truly believe there is…

It may even prevent people from getting qualified and turning something they love (fitness!) into a career.

According to a report by the British Heart Foundation in 2017 more than 20 million Britons are physically inactive!!!

Guess what, they are your future clients.

So try to attract the inactive they are the ones that really need you…

In 2018 there were 62,000 fitness instructors in the some form of employment. That sounds a lot right!

However consider that number 62,000 against the population that is approximately 66 million.

Remember you still have 20 million left to train! 😉

It’s all about how look at it and how you put yourself out there, a mindset.

Believe in yourself, your ability to train and help people achieve their goals. You may already have or can get your qualifications behind you and once you have and even while you are qualifying tell the world! Put it out there.

People wont know how you can help them unless you tell them!

According to Allegra Strategies Project Fitness UK 2018 report:

‘Fitness is deemed the fastest growing business sector in the UK with a projected 5% increase in the number of gyms and health clubs in the next 5 years

Between 2013-2018 private sector clubs increased by 3,269-4,400 and public sector facilities rose from 2,750-2680 so all continuing to increase’

So going by these statistics there is not only the people out there for you to train but the facilities available for you to do it in and potentially get employment…

So what’s stopping you?