Preparing for and Completing a Charity Event. 

So do you want to do something for charity or an event but not sure where to start…

Here are some useful tips for you:

  •  Select your event – Pick something believably challenging/out of the ordinary (for you at least) or unusual. I have run a marathon a few times the first time it was for charity and raised nearly £3000.00 but any running event I have done since I didn’t do for charity, as it isn’t such a believable challenge. You see the presumption by others is already there that it can be achieved as it was before. So I have also reached the top of Mount Kilimanjaro for the same charity and raised a similar amount. Then there was the 100km Trailwalker challenge which is organized and run by The Gurkhers, I can honestly say that that was much harder than getting to the top of Kilimanjaro and to say that it felt like my feet had been beaten by a bat by the end of it was an understatement, 27 odd hours on your feet is a long time! So pick an event that is a challenge either mentally or physically. Walking over hot coals for example much more of a mental than a physical thing…
  • Select your charity – Choose something close to your heart with meaning. It can be just as hard to raise money for charity as it is to complete the training program and event. So make sure it is something that means something to you and that your sponsors and supporters can also relate to it. By doing this raising the required amount of money for the charity place or making the donation will not feel like a chore and the whole event will have so much more meaning. As well as the personal challenge there is the contribution you will be making to such a worthwhile cause.
  • Enter/apply for the event either directly or through the charity – So many of us talk about doing things before we realize ‘I haven’t actually done it ’ Be a doer not a talker’ So many of us talk the talk but actually put yourself out there and walk the walk. Once you have entered it will become exciting and scary all at once and wow that’s an amazing feeling.
  • Set up a Fundraising page – Just giving or Virgin Money Giving are 2 popular ones that you can use Just giving do charge the charity a fee of £15.00 per month and 5% of the gift aid. They claim that this helps the charity raise more money, more efficiently by leaving the costly and time-consuming stuff to them so that they can spend more time energy and money doing good. Virgin Money Giving claim they are 100% not for profit therefore do not make any profit on donations so that more goes to the charity. Whichever fundraising page you choose and there are others they are a great platform to get sponsors for your chosen event. Spread the word via social media with easy links to send to your supporters so they can sponsor you.
  • Raise Awareness via Social media – If you haven’t already got one set up your own Twitter and Facebook page, create a Twitter and Facebook page for the event. Post about the event, fundraising and training on those pages. Get your friends to know about it and share on their pages to help spread the word. When tweeting use # for key words to improve the reach it gets i.e. #nameoftheevent #nameofthecharity #challenge #training etc. link it to the charity and events Facebook and twitter pages. Post a link to the fundraising page on your social media accounts to that you can get donations easily.
  • Organize a Fundraising event to compliment the big event – a Raffle, charity ball, bake off, face painting at a children’s party etc….. Something in the work place like a coffee morning or even a swear box. The local gym can also host something like a spinathon,
  • Prepare for the Event itself! – It’s all in the planning…Remember that old quote ‘If you fail to plan, plan to fail’ So look up training plans, ask for advice from anyone that has done it before. Look up reviews and find out how others have found the event. Get yourself a trainer if necessary. Most people have a story to tell so don’t be afraid to ask as they will be only to willing to share, after all you will be their captive audience, it’s in your own interest to be………

Good Luck and best wishes for your event!

Claire Baker

Owner/Director YBFIT Training Ltd