Q: How do i gain more information about a course?

A: Call 01372 889589 or email: info@ybfittraining.com

Q: How do i pay for the course?

A: You can pay online using securely via Paypal or a debit or credit card. We can also take payments over the phone by calling 01372 889589.

Q: Do i have to pay the full amount up front?

A: No, once you have paid your deposit your place is secure and the balance is due 2 weeks before you start. If you feel it may be difficult to pay the balance all at once you can pay by instalments. Contact us for details 01372 889589

Q: What support is there for students?

A: You will be assigned a tutor who will make regular contact with you and offer assistance if needed via  email or telephone. We also have a Facebook learner support group available to all of our students.

Q: What if i need extra learning support?

A: Once you complete your application form, YBFIT will be made aware of the support you may need, but you can contact our learning support Tutor via email to discuss any additional learning needs: admin@ybfittraining.com

Q: How do i enrol on my course?

A: Select the course you wish to enrol on and click ‘Register’, on the next page click the course date, change the Quantity to ‘1’ for a deposit or full payment and then click ‘Attendee Information’. Now the Course registration form will appear, take your time to enter your details and click ‘Overview’, this will show you any missing information, if all your details are correct you will see a full overview of all the details you have entered so far. Once you are completely happy with your details click ‘ Confirm and make your payment’. Enter your credit/debit card info or your PayPal details to complete payment. You will receive confirmation from the course administrator once your payment has cleared and details received

Q: How do i study the theory elements of the course?

A: Our courses are blended learning which means you will have tutor contact training days also with an element of home study with e mail/online/phone tutor support. Once you have booked and paid your deposit you will receive your course manuals and or learning materials where appropriate so that you can start your pre course reading/home study.

Q: How do i study the practical?

A: You will attend the planned guided training days and then have time to put it into practice.

Q: What if i have taken the theory with another training provider before?

A: You will be required to provide your original certificates and there should be evidence that that the units match that of the qualifications and can be mapped against the current qualification framework.

Q: Will my qualification be recognised internationally?

A: YMCA Awards is not only the UK’s leading awarding body, but is fast gaining recognition and respect across the World. YMCA Awards has centres based in a number of European and Middle Eastern countries plus India and South Africa.

Gaining a YMCA Awards approved fitness qualification enables individuals to join the UK Register of Exercise Professionals, opening up job opportunities in the UK and, through the International Confederation of Registers for Exercise Professionals (ICREPs), Australia and New Zealand.

Active IQ qualifications are on the Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF) which is jointly regulated by England’s regulator Ofqual, Wales’ DCELLS and Northern Ireland’s CCEA. So Active IQ qualifications are recognised in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Scotland has its own framework, the Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework (SCQF). Although they are not on the SCQF Active IQ qualifications are widely respected by learners, training organisations and employers in Scotland.

In Europe,the European Qualifications Framework (EQF) acts as a translation device to make national qualifications more readable across Europe. This comparison chart shows how, by QCF level, Active IQ qualifications are recognised in Europe. Although there is currently no international mechanism to compare QCF qualifications in this way, UK qualifications are well-regarded all over the world.