If you exercise regularly and absolutely love it then yes, why ever not…

To have a successful career in the fitness industry I think firstly you need a passion for not only exercise but helping people.

Many people come into the fitness industry for their love of all things fitness and they may even have a success story all of their own that already inspires others.

This is ideal as you will relate to those that you can help. 

You will want to see them succeed and also work hard to do so.

A lot of people think you can’t earn enough to justify a full-time fitness industry career. Well that so isn’t true!

Many, people are very, very successful.

If you have a good work ethic, self-motivated, love helping people and are willing to learn and also prepared to continue learning you can go far in the fitness industry.

There are so many avenues you can take like group exercise instructor with studio-based classes. Pilates, Yoga and even Aqua Aerobics instructor, Personal trainer, Group exercise co-ordinator, Fitness manager at a facility, Tutor/assessor and much more besides…

There are so many places to work like in a gym, health club, leisure centre, community centre, community halls, school halls, the outdoor environment and your home or even your client’s home.

Remember anything is possible and if it’s something you’ve always wanted to do but haven’t think about why you haven’t and then what you can do to overcome that barrier to making it happen.

A fitness industry career can be so versatile in so many different ways so if you have aspirations to become the instructor at the front of your class or the trainer that can help someone reach their goals do get in touch and let’s make it happen together!