With health and fitness being a booming industry I thought I’d look at some trends for 2020.

This comes from the American College of Sports Medicine health and fitness journal.

According to the ACSM some of our favourites are still in the top 10 for Fitness Trends in 2020 and here they are:

10 – Employing certified Fitness Professionals

This is good to hear as it is really important that qualified fitness professionals are used. In the current market of having social media there is a growing number of influencers and these people are not necessarily qualified to teach or even advise on fitness matter

9 – Health /Wellness Coaching

Fitness instructors/coaches are taking a more holistic approach to training people and there is now needs to be more focus on client values, both short and long term goals and also behaviour change in order to achieve those fitness goals.

8 – Fitness Programmes for Older Adults

With people living and working for longer, older adults are getting more active. There is much more available to help the 65+ age group get fit and remain mobile in their later years.

7 – Body Weight Training

This way of training uses minimal equipment and is very popular way of training due to it largely being inexpensive and you can do it pretty much anywhere while still giving great results

6 – Exercise in Medicine

This is a global health inititive about encouraging medical professional/GP’s to refer their patients to exercise and become more active as part of any relevant treatment or advice they could be giving

5 – Personal Training

121 personal training continues to be popular as this way of training is more accessible than ever with online training, gym-based training, training at home, outdoors and even in the workplace so available to most.

4 – Training with Free Weights

This is another popular way of training to change the shape of ones body. It is generally more functional than using fixed machines and can encourage more muscle recruitment to create stability while doing the exercise therefore burning more calories.

3- Group Training

This is generally defined as there being more than 5 participants. Group classes are designed to be motivational, effective, social and the atmosphere it creates can certainly keep participants coming back for more

2 – High Intensity interval Training (HIIT)

Typically involves short bursts of high intensity bouts of exercise followed by  rest periods. This type of training is great for those that don’t have a lot of time but still want an effective way to exercise.

1 – Wearable Technology

This has been the no 1 trend for 2016  all but a drop to no 3 in 2018 so still very much at the forefront of people minds! Things like various Fitness trackers, smart watches, heart rate monitors and GPS tracking devices come into this and becoming more and more user friendly!

So what do you think of these Trends for the upcoming year…?

Are you using any of these methods yourself, do you already have any favourites?

Maybe seeing this list indicates what a versatile world the fitness industry is and what opportunities there can be not only to get fit yourself but to also help others do just that. You see if things like Personal Training, Group Training, Free Weight Exercise, Training Older Adults, Exercise Referral and even HIIT training are still as popular as ever then how about getting qualified to teach others those things and play a part it helping to help others achieve their health and fitness goals.

I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t regret it 😉

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