COURSE Awarding Body/Attendance Days COURSE DATES
Level 2 Gym YMCA Awards  20th/21st & 27th/28th January
   12th/13th & 19th/20th May
   15th/16th & 22nd/23rd   Sept
Level 3 Personal Training YMCA Awards 10th/11th, 24th/25th March& 7th/8th April
  7th/8th & 21st/22nd July& 4th/5th August
  10th/11th & 24th/25th Nov& 8th/9th Dec
Level 2 Exercise To Music YMCA Awards 3rd/4th & 10th/11th February
  9th/10th & 16th/17th June
  20th/21st & 27th/28th October
Level 3 Pilates Active IQ  17th/18th Feb& 17th/18th March& 7th/8th April.
  6th/7th Oct3rd/4th Nov & 1st/2nd Dec
L2 Water-Based Exercise (AQUA) YMCA Awards 3rd/4th May
L3 Assessors Active IQ 12th February17th September
L3 Award in Education and Training Active IQ 12th & 26th March15th & 29th October
L2 First Aid Active IQ 25th February15th July
L3 Pre/Post Natal Exercise Active IQ 26th/ 27th April13th/14th October
L3 Ex Referral Active IQ 28th/29th April & 26th/27th May
L4 Low Back Pain Active IQ 23rd/24th June