Being a personal trainer is the perfect antidote to a corporate desk job. No office,no deadlines and the opportunity to help people help themselves. But what does it take and what should you consider before re-training?

1. What do I need?

  • A keen interest in heath and fitness
  • Good people skills
  • Knowledge of how the body works
  • A desire to help people achieve their personal health and fitness goals.

2. Certification

Research training providers who offer accredited qualifications, allowing you to access the REPS register  upon successful completion

Providers like YBFIT Training will offer you industry recognised qualifications. work out what is important to you in making your decision… is it the cost, the location, the course dates and of course ensure you are getting quality training to meet your needs. Our aims at YBFIT Training are to Educate, Support, Inspire and Motivate. Check out the aims of other providers and be confortable with who you choose and what you are getting.

3. What should I consider once qualified?

  • Heath and safety
  • Insurance
  • Environment
  • Competition locally
  • What to charge
  • Who is your target market

4. Speciality

Like a doctor, trainers who specialise can charge more. Do you want a jack of all trades or a specialist? Several level 4 courses now exist for instructors to specialise in areas such as lower back pain, diabetes, cancer, childhood obesity and others.

5. Become indispensable to your clients

Being successful takes work, skill, talent and experience. Get a mentor, join organisations such as REPS or Fitpro, go to conventions, workshops and seminars. Learn yourself to the top of your profession and along the way your clients will find out they cannot live without you!